Mrs. Deborah Bingham, Co-Founder

Mrs. Bingham is a lifetime resident of Utah. She attended The University of Utah and The American Institute of Banking. Mrs. Bingham was employed at First Security Bank, a locally owned and operated bank, for twenty years.

Later Mrs. Bingham was in the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Phone Directories Company.  She helped develop a robust sales force with over 400 sales people located throughout Canada and the United States. Upon the sale of PDC in 2007 Deborah Bingham co-founded Blue Diamond Capital in with her husband Marc Bingham.  

Mrs. Bingham is the President and Chair of the Marc C. and Deborah H. Bingham Foundation that is funded through the financial successes of the Phone Directories Company and Blue Diamond Capital's current and future endeavors.

In addition to her work at the Foundation, Mrs. Bingham served on the Board of Trustees at Utah Valley University. Mrs. Bingham also served on the Utah Valley University Foundation board for nine years and served the last four as the Chair. During her tenure, Mrs. Bingham implemented enormous but critical change that resulted in significant progress during her four years of leadership. She led the UVU Foundation through significant fundraising efforts, including those for the state-of-the-art science building which opened in 2012 and the Wee Care Center which was the first Utah Valley University building to be funded entirely through philanthropy.

Mrs. Bingham left a legacy of remarkable progress during her time as board chair; annual dollars raised more than doubled. The President's scholarship ball grew dramatically in both attendance and dollars raised, donors recognized in the president’s circle of lifetime giving of $25,000 or more increased over twenty percent, the board developed a more robust and sophisticated investment policy, and implemented improved policies for gift acceptance, ethics and conflicts of interests.

In addition to her commitment to Education, Deborah also loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter and conservationist.

Mr. Marc Bingham, Co-Founder

Mr. Bingham was born and raised in Eastern Utah.  He graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Management.  After graduating, Mr. Bingham worked for several different state and federal wildlife agencies including the US Bureau of Land Management and also as a Conservation Officer for the State of Idaho. 

His entrepreneurial nature eventually took him away from his roles in government and he founded Phone Directories Company in 1971 and was involved in the management of the company until its sale in 2007. Under his leadership the company grew to over 700 employees with annual revenues in excess of $75 million while operating in 18 states and throughout Canada. 

After the sale of the Phone Directories Company Mr. Bingham founded Blue Diamond Capital where he continues to manage assets in twelve western states of the Intermountain Region of the United States and in western Canada.  The portfolio includes assets in public securities, private equity and real estate. Mr. Bingham was recognized as a finalist for the Utah Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2009.

With the financial success achieved through his various companies Mr. Bingham began to channel structured giving through the Marc C. and Deborah H. Bingham Foundation into areas that he is passionate about including higher education, medical research and wildlife preservation. He has made significant donations to Utah State University to build the Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy Research Center on the Uintah Basin Campus in Vernal, Utah Valley University for a new science building, Brigham Young University, College of Eastern Utah, and University of Colorado.

He and his wife, Deborah Bingham, are parents to 4 sons and 2 daughters. They also have 22 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.